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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Scooter Warmer

"Around Town" Scentsy Warmer - Super Cute!

$35.00 $28.00

Product Brief Description

This “Around Town” scooter warmer is now SOLD OUT! Super cute “Around Town” Scentsy Scooter warmer!


Additional Product Information

This Scentsy Scooter warmer is just too darn cute and looks just like a retro style scooter, painted by hand with that classic color! When it first came out last fall I felt sure it was going to be a best seller and I’m betting if we check the stats, I’d be right. As far as the color goes, I guess you could say the color is a teal, but if you were to break it down more exactly it’s a mix of 55.7% cyan, 10.5% magenta and 17.6% black.

This warmer uses a heating element to warm the wax. The plus side to this is, you’ll never need to replace the light bulb. The down side is, the warmer is not built to take advantage of the really cool illumination effects similar to some of our popular bulb headed warmers.

We are a bit surprised this Scooter warmer was discontinued however we can always count on Scentsy to offer only the best and most trendy fragrance delivery systems in the world!