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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Globe – Around the World

Around the World Scentsy Element Candle Warmer

$50.00 $25.00

Product Brief Description

This Scentsy Globe warmer is now in clearance and available at 50% OFF, but only while they last!

The Globe warmer is actually called, “Around the World.” it’s unique, classy and beautifully made. The warmer includes a real, detailed world map and is quite dignified looking. A terrific gift for any office, classroom or perhaps a reading room in your home.

Additional Product Information

The Globe warmer is an element warmer so there is no lightbulb needed. The map on the globe displays an accurate representation of the world and the overall appearance looks vintage. Ultimately, it’s a prime example showing exactly why Scentsy leads the world in fragrance delivery systems.

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