Bubbled Ultraviolet Warmer


Now in Clearance and available for a limited time for more than 30% off! Authentic Scentsy Bubbled Ultraviolet candle warmer with an iridescent finish. It’s trendy, modern and looks stunning, especially when turned on and glows. 6.5″ tall, melts our traditional scented wax and comes with one 25 watt light bulb.

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WOW! This new Bubbled Ultraviolet warmer looks amazing and even better when it’s turned on. Of course, it’s made of contoured glass with an out of the ordinary shape. As the name implies, the finish is a clear violet, a perfect addition for any contemporary home or office decor.

It’s quite inspiring to see how Scentsy keeps up with the trends, but still offers that classic beauty found in our traditional warmers. For instance, in 2022 this one is modern and trendy, but we also carry some truly exquisite, finely detailed traditional warmers. One example might be our Dreamcatcher warmer. Yes, these are two completely different styles, but both are beautiful!