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Accord Scentsy Candle Warmer – Gray

Accord Scentsy Warmer - Color Gray - Unique Idea

$60.00 $48.00

Product Brief Description


Unique Accord Scentsy Candle Warmer is like having three warmers in one! Quickly and easily blend scented wax at the flip of a switch!


Additional Product Information

This Accord Gray Scentsy warmer is now SOLD OUT!
The authentic Accord Scentsy candle warmer is super convenient, especially if you like changing up or blending your own scented wax. Using the Accord warmer, you can place one wax melt in one dish, one in the second dish and another in the third. Since each warmer dish is separately switched, you can quickly and easily change up your home’s fragrance at the flip of a switch. How about that?

Accord Warmer Perfect for Blending Scented Wax

Then, what if you want to blend two fragrances together. Well, this way is super convenient because you don’t have to melt the wax and mix it together. Just turn on two warmer dishes at once and use a different scented wax melt in each. You can even been three fragrances at one. If you remember back a few years ago, Scentsy launched ScentTrends and that marked the beginning of DIY home fragrance blending.


Convenience Factor and the Price

If you are one who is passionate about the Scentsy fragrances, this is kind of three scoop ice cream cone with each scoop using a different flavor!

Honestly, there $60 price tag is quite reasonable when considering the convenience factor! One thing for sure, when it comes to home fragrance products, Scentsy continues to lead the pack.