Eskimo Kiss Scent Pod Twin Pack

Eskimo Kiss Scent Pods By Scentsy


Product Brief Description

Eskimo Kiss Scent Pods are BACK! Authentic Scentsy Eskimo Kiss Scent Pod Twin Pack comes with two pods, each lasting up to 120 hours! This is a trendy scent in the romance family and smells like Blackberry, brown sugar, vanilla and amber.

Additional Product Information

So… what does our Eskimo Kiss Scent Pod smell like? Yes, we understand the blend explained above, but are we supposed to envision kissing an Eskimo? Probably not, but I do find naming fragrances to be sometimes be questionable. Sure, I get something named “coconut lemongrass” but when a fragrance is called something unrelated to a fragrance, it just does not make sense sometimes. One thing for sure, this fragrance does smell darn good!

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Each Scentsy Pod provides up to 120 hours of fragrances.

Pack of 2.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Scentsy Scent Pods are specifically made for use with our Scentsy Go Cordless Warmers and Fan Diffusers.