French Lavender Scent Pak

French Lavender Scentsy Scent Pak


Product Brief Description

This French Lavender scent pak can be used inside your scentsy buddy or any handbag, gym bag or wherever you want! Convenient and fragrance lasts up to 30 days!

Additional Product Information

Some think the Lavender fragrance provides a calming effect however I’m not so sure. I do know, this French Lavender scent pak smells terrific and if smelling fragrances I like makes us feel calm, great. Just not so sure of the science behind the claims.

One thing I do know is, certain fragrances bring back memories, both good and bad. I suggest trying our French Lavender scent pak in your Scentsy Buddy, place it in your car, locker, gym bag, closets, or wherever you like. It works great and the scent lasts quite a long time!