Baked Apple Pie Scent Pak


Place an order for this authentic Scentsy Baked Apple Pie Scent Pak. Can be used in your Scentsy Buddy, your purse, bag, drawers or wherever! Many different uses so they are extremely handy! Of course, it smells just like grandma’s baked apple pie!

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If you like dessert type fragrances, this Baked Apple Pie scent pak is it! It’s just so easy to use and place in any small space for a quick infusion of fragrance.

As a Scentsy consultant, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share how to save when buying scent paks. You can get 6 scent paks for the price of 5 when you bundle and SAVE. Yep, this is how my regular customers get the most bang for their buck when shopping Scentsy!