Apple Cherry Strudel Scent Pak


Authentic Scentsy Apple Cherry Strudel Scent Pak. Replace in any buddy product or use separately in drawers, bags, closets, cars and any small enclosed space. Long lasting fragrance!

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The Apple Cherry Strudel Scent Pak is a newer fragrance, but it’s quickly become quite popular. It smells like a mix of apples, cherries and a hint of vanilla. Scentsy says they are Granny Smith apples, but I really cannot tell one apple from the other.

The scent paks were originally intended to use only in Scentsy Buddies, but we all started using them in bags, suitcases, cars and more. Any small space. The thing is, they can last quite a long time and we get about a solid month, but it depends on the exposure to air.

When buying, you can get a deal if you bundle and save on 6 scent paks. It’s like getting one free!