Shine Premium Oil Diffuser


Authentic Scentsy Premium Oil Diffuser called “Shine”. It’s unique and extremely attractive with a lovely dark finish of black, blue and green stones. It looks amazing and I guess you could say it was made to Shine. 9.5″ tall.

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Our popular Scentsy “Shine” premium oil diffuser comes with some amazing LED lighting effects. Yes, it looks great even when not in use, but when you turn it on and use the LED lighting, the effects are just lovely.

So, why do some people prefer their home fragrances be delivered using essentials and an actual oil diffuser. Why not just use the less costly traditional wax warmers? Well, some believe the health benefits received from essential, natural oils are helpful. As consultants, we’re not really sure and certainly not qualified to provide an educated opinion.

I will say, we actually have this specific Shine premium oil diffuser and use several different Scentsy oils. We surely enjoy the fragrances the diffuser delivers and it makes our home smell terrific, even if a bit different than scented wax we always use. It’s a nice change up going from wax to oils and something we plan to continue.