Enrich Premium Oil Diffuser


Exquisite! Authentic Enrich Premium Oil Diffuser by Scentsy was made with tender loving care. A mosaic patterned design and intricately placed together one by one with over 200 separate tiles.

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This unique mosaic oil diffuser is perfect for misting your favorite oil fragrances but it also creates a gorgeous variety of colors at the same time.

One of the primary benefits of buying this Enrich oil diffuser is because of the mosaic design. Designs such as this are rare and usually more modern trends just don’t matter. The amount of work it took to piece together the hand cut pieces is huge and really unheard of in today’s world. It’s nice to see a product built in this manner and the end result is timeless beauty!

When you consider all the different lighting effects that can be used, giving the diffuser a different look can be done with the touch of a button! Yep, it’s a bit costly up front, but you won’t find something like this at Walmart either!