Scentsy Clean Laundry Detergent


If you like Scentsy fragrances, you’ll love our authentic “Scentsy Clean” laundry liquid. 20 oz bottle with a pump dispenser. Smells clean, just like white flowers in the spring time and fresh, clean laundry!

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“Scentsy Clean” was one of the very first Scentsy Laundry product fragrances produced. Why? Because it’s a fresh clean fragrance, just like you hope your clothes and linens will smell like when coming out of the laundry. If you’re planning to buy our Scentsy laundry liquid, we recommend starting with “Scentsy Clean.” You’ll be glad you did!

Scentsy Clean Laundry Detergent is our absolute favorite. As I’ve mentioned before, I operate a home child care and buy more laundry liquid than any other Scentsy product. Yep, I buy in bulk and though I do use other fragrances, I have more “Clean” on hand than any other!