Luna Laundry Detergent


Place an order for one, 20 oz bottle of authentic Scentsy Luna Laundry Liquid. A subtle fragrance of carnations, a bit of jasmine, berries and a hint of sandalwood. My husband likes this fragrance the best. He has it in his office, car and loves it on his clothes!

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This Luna fragrance is a long time customer favorite so it’s not surprising to see it’s available as Luna laundry liquid. The 20 OZ bottle will get up to 50 medium sized loads of laundry done, and unless it’s a real large load, we use 3 pumps.

Yes, this one is our second favorite laundry liquid fragrance, right behind “Clean”. Keep in mind, Luna is a subtle fragrance and NOT a strong scent. However, this is exactly what we prefer with the laundry.