Lavender Cotton Laundry Detergent


Buy one, 20 oz bottle of Lavender Cotton Laundry Liquid. As you might guess, it smells like lavender and a bit of cotton. One bottle will do up to 50 medium sized loads! About 31 cents per load.

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Our Scentsy Lavender Cotton laundry liquid is a customer favorite and the perfect scent to use for your clothes and linens. Come on, who doesn’t like the smell of lavender? Order today!

Lavender Cotton is another great choice as a laundry liquid fragrance and I’d say it’s third on my list of favorite laundry scents. Scentsy Clean is my personal #1. It’s funny, my fragrance preferences for my overall home are different than for my laundry. I don’t care for fruit fragrances with my laundry, but love them for my home. I guess we all associate clean laundry with more fresh, clean scents, so I assume that’s the reason. Interesting!