Coral Waters Laundry Detergent


Authentic Scentsy Coral Waters Laundry detergent is now on sale in clearance. Available for 30% while supplies last!

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Coral Waters laundry detergent comes in liquid form and smells like nectarine and peony, reminding of lovely coral waters. 20 Fl OZ does about 50 medium loads. For medium loads I usually go with 3 pumps.

I’ve been a Scentsy consultant since 2008 and without a doubt I buy more Scentsy laundry detergent (liquid) than any other Scentsy product on the market. Why? I do a ton of laundry because I care for 12 children in my home childcare.

With regard to this specific Coral Waters laundry liquid, as of 2023 it’s in clearance and will soon be unavailable! In the past, I’ve probably purchased a half dozen and this was a favorite, at least during the Fall months.

Unfortunately, there’s no great bundle deal where you buy 5 and get one free, but there is a combination laundry bundle deal called Laundry Love. You can save $10 when buying one 48 oz. tub of Washer Whiffs, one 20 oz. bottle of Laundry Detergent Liquid and two packs of Dryer Disks. Purchased separately you would spend $60 so by taking advantage of the bundle deal, you save $10! Yep, you can choose Coral Waters laundry liquid or any other available fragrances for all three products.