Cloudberry Dreams Laundry Detergent


Customers loving this “Cloudberry Dreams” scented laundry liquid and makes the job of washing clothes just a bit more enjoyable. 20 oz bottle with a pump dispenser will do up to 50 medium loads. Smells like a mix of raspberry, roses, peach and a touch of vanilla. Use 3 pumps for a medium load.

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We wash all our clothes using the Scentsy laundry liquid and this Cloudberry Dreams fragrance is one I have not yet tried. In fact, I just placed an order so I’ll come back with my experience after I try it. I have tried this fragrance in other Scentsy products and I do like it, so there’s no reason it won’t smell great with the laundry too.

The bottle comes with a pump and we pump it 3 or 4 times for each load. The results are amazing. We promise, you’ll love the smell of your clothes when done!

Those interested in saving on authentic Scentsy laundry products, try our Laundry Love Bundle to save 10 bucks. You can choose this Cloudberry Dreams laundry liquid for one, or all 3 of the bundled products.