Clothesline Laundry Detergent


Place an order for one 20 oz bottle of authentic Scentsy Clothesline Laundry Liquid. Your laundry will come out smelling like it was hung out to dry on a clothesline during a warm spring day. Good for up to 50 medium loads.

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This Clothesline laundry liquid is probably the most popular of all the laundry fragrances. I’d say it’s every bit as popular as the “Clean” fragrance and it makes sense. I’d venture to say, most younger folks these days have never even heard of hanging wet clothes on a line outside to dry. I still remember my mom using clothes pins for hanging the clothes out and yes, once dry they did kind of smell like the outdoors.

Once again, thank you to Scentsy for bring back those fond memories. Quite a blessing indeed!