Amazon Rain Laundry Detergent


Place your order for one, 20 OZ bottle of Scentsy Amazon Rain Laundry Liquid. At $16 per bottle, that comes out to be around 32 cents per medium sized load. Amazon Rain laundry liquid smells like a mix of melon, orange, coconut milk and a hint of jasmine. Does up to 50, medium sized loads.

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I usually add 2 or 3 pumps of Amazon Rain laundry detergent liquid directly into the washing machine and my clothes and linens come out smelling amazing. My husband even comments how much he loves the smell of our laundry. If you walk into a bathroom or closet with clothes and linens that have been washed using our laundry products, you’ll immediately take in the fresh, clean aroma. Brings a smile to my face, every time!