Sunkissed Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner


Now you can clean the surfaces in your home using authentic Scentsy, Sunkissed Citrus All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate. Your home will look as good as it smells. One, 24 oz bottle will make six, 16oz bottles of cleaner.

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If you like this specific Sunkissed Citrus cleaner, we highly suggest purchasing as much as you might want. Why? Well, we have no way of knowing for sure, but this Sunkissed Citrus fragrance has been discontinued in some of the other fragrance types. For Instance, they no longer carry it in the the scented wax or scent pods. That is very unfortunate but a sure sign of what’s to come. I might be wrong about this, since as scented cleaning product, Sunkissed Citrus is very popular.