Black Raspberry & Vanilla With Dahlia Darling Flower


Oh so lovely & it smells even better! Black Raspberry & Vanilla Fragrance Flower by Scentsy. An authentic Scentsy product. Order today for a great price. Lasts about 60 days.

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Everyone knows the black raspberry and vanilla fragrance is one of the first Scentsy fragrances and it’s always been a top seller. That’s why we’re so pleased to see we can now buy the Dahlia Darling flower with this fragrance.

The flowers are unique in that each has been created by hand and there are no duplicates. Because there nothing to plugin or charge, the flowers can be placed on any flat surface.

We move our Black Raspberry & Vanilla Dahlia Darling Flower into various locations of our home, but it usually sits on our dresser. Just lovely!