White Marble Mini Fan Diffuser


Authentic Scentsy White Marble Mini Fan Diffuser. There’s no electrical cord. Instead, connect it to any USB port, add a scent pod and turn it on. That’s it! 1.5″ tall and easy to take everywhere.

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The white marble mini fan diffuser looks like marble and I use one by connecting it directly to the USB port on my MAC laptop. My husband prefers the Slate Mini Fan, but said this one is his second favorite. On the other side of the coin, I like the lighter colors, especially the pink mini fan diffuser.

You will need Scent Pods to place in the diffuser and we highly suggest getting the best deal possible by purchasing a bundle of 6. Why? you will get 6 for the price of 5 so it’s like getting one scent pod FREE! place an order to get 6 scent pod twin packs for the price of 5. Bundle and save today.

6 Scentsy Pods in a Row 1
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