Spin Wall Fan Diffuser


The Spin Fragrance Wall Fan Diffuser plugs into any wall outlet and uses Scent Pods instead of wax. A slick way to distribute you favorite fragrance throughout your home or office. 5″ tall.

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The Spin Wall Fan Diffuser has a strong enclosure and works well for a variety of uses, including in heavy use areas! No wax, so there’s no worry about anyone bumping and spilling.

Get 6 Scent Pods for the Price of 5
The Spin Wall Fan Diffusers do NOT use wax, but our Scentsy Scenty Pods work perfectly and last up to 120 hours. The BEST way to stock up on new scent pods is to take advantage of the bundle deal and SAVE. It’s like getting 1 Twin Pack, FREE!

6 Scentsy Pods in a Row 1
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