Rose Gold Mini Fan


Authentic Scentsy, Rose Gold Mini Fan Diffuser. Super convenient and plugs into any USB outlet! It’s only 1.5″ tall and fits in my pocket! Uses Scentsy Pods and DOES NOT MELT WAX. No Lightbulb! GREAT PRICE!

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These new Scentsy mini fans are the latest in fragrance delivery systems by Scentsy. It fits just about anywhere and the scent pod fragrances are super clean! No wax to mess with or god forbid, spill! Personally, I like the rose gold mini fan but prefer lighter colors. On the other side of the coin, my husband likes the darker colors and uses his slate mini all the time.

Click the pic below to place an order to get 6 scent pod twin packs for the price of 5. If you’re buying any fan diffuser, you know you’re gonna need scent pods. Bundle and save today.

6 Scentsy Pods in a Row 1
Click to Order 6 Scent Pod Twin Packs for Price of 5