Mint Mini Fan Diffuser

Mint Color Mini Fan Diffuser


Product Brief Description

Authentic Scentsy MINT colored Mini Fan Diffuser. It uses the same Scent Pods as the wall fan and cordless warmers. Small, light, easy to use and the price is right!

NOTE: Must be connect to a USP Port in order to operate!

Additional Product Information

Mint Mini Diffuser Fan Inside

See the Fan Inside

New offering by Scentsy! It’s a mint colored mini fan diffuser with an attractive mint colored finish. It can be placed on a tabletop, counter or any flat surface. It must be connected to  USB port in order for it to operate. It is NOT a cordless unit. There’s no LED lighting effects and of course, the fan only runs at one speed.

Unique, small, well made and you can connect it anywhere you connect your phone. Even better, it uses the same Pods as the other battery operated warmers.

How it Works
Insert the Pod, connect to any USB port and turn it on. The small fan pushes air through the Pod and distributes your favorite fragrances throughout your space. Clever and cute!

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The Scentsy Mint Mini Fan Diffuser does NOT use wax, but the Scentsy scent pods work perfectly and last up to 120 hours. The BEST way to purchase new scent pods is to bundle and SAVE. It’s like getting 1 Twin Pack, FREE.

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