Blush Mini Fan Diffuser

Blush Mini Fan Diffuser by Scentsy


Product Brief Description

Authentic Blush Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser! It uses the very same Pods as used in the wall fans and cordless warmers. Small, compact and works great. Uses a USB connection instead of a cord. This is not a cordless or battery unit and must be connected to any USB port. Great price too!

Additional Product Information

This new addition to our fan diffuser collection is called a Blush Mini-Fan Diffuser. It includes an attractive a blush finish. Instead of plugging into an electrical outlet the Blush Mini Fan connects any USB port. We plug it into our laptop computers or into the same USB connections we use with our phones. Keep in mind, the USB must be connected for the fan to work. Also, the fan only runs at one speed and there are no LED lighting effects like we have with our cordless units.

Super cool and it’s nice to see it uses the same Pods as the other Cordless Scentsy Go Warmers.

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The Blush Mini Fan Diffuser does NOT use wax but the scent pods work great and last up to 120 hours. The BEST way to buy new scent pods is to bundle and SAVE. It’s like getting 1 Twin Pack, FREE and you save $10!

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