Whoot Owl Warmer


Place your order for this premium, full sized Scentsy Whoot Owl warmer. FYI, it is one of the most popular Scentsy warmers ever sold. It was introduced back in August of 2012 as the Warmer of the Month and has continued to be a customer favorite ever since. The warmer is 6″ tall, glows in the dark and uses a 25 watt bulb.

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One of the reasons this Scentsy “Whoot Owl” is so popular is that it glows in the dark, presenting a beautiful illumination. Then, our customers love it even more because it has a matching baby Whoot Owl night light, so it’s a perfect matched set to decorate¬†your home.

When turned on the warmer glows and the two eyes are quite bright, kind of like a real owl.

It’s been many years since our Whoot Owl warmer was released and the matched set continues to be a customer favorite. I guess, back in 2012 Owl decor was quite trendy so when first released both warmers were hot sellers. Certainly, not so much today, but still popular and considering the cuteness, it’s easy to understand.