Rustic Little Church Warmer


Authentic Scentsy Rustic “Little Church” warmer. It’s super cute, with a metal roof and a soft glow coming out the windows. Takes a 20 watt bulb!

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Thank you Scentsy for this charming little church warmer. The timing on this is perfect. We purchased one for our family room and recently shared it with friends. They all loved it!

It’s got a galvanized tin roof with rustic white walls and glows in the dark. This is a traditional warmer and intended to be placed on a table or counter top. It does NOT plug directly into a wall.

It’s just under 10″ tall and uses a 20 watt bulb. This is important because most large size warmers use the 25 watt so if you buy this one, it’s a good idea to pick up a few extra 20 watt bulbs.