Radiate Positivity Night Light

Radiate Positivity Mini Warmer By Scentsy


Product Brief Description

Authentic Scentsy nightlight warmer called Radiate Positivity. It’s made of porcelain with a sandblasted finish.When turned on, the warmer gives off a calming glow and illuminates the well intended message.

Takes a 15 Watt Bulb

Additional Product Information

Thank you to Scentsy for making this Radiate Positivity nightlight mini warmer available at this time. In fact, it couldn’t come at a better time and has actually inspired me to be more positive, both inside and outside.

Purchase this Radiate Positivity nightlight warmer and plug it in your wall outlet in your bathroom. You’ll see your radiate positivity reminder every morning when waking up. What a terrific idea.

Thank you Scentsy!