Jane Warmer by Scentsy

Authentic Scentsy Jame Warmer


Product Brief Description

This authentic Scentsy “Jane” Warmer is a true classic and most certainly a longtime customer favorite! It’s quite beautiful and it’s creation actually triggered off a whole new series of warmers.

Additional Product Information

Jane has an attractive glowing window with a designed front overlay that reminds us of Edwardian columns. Since the beginning, the price has been just $35 and it’s never changed. It was one of the first premium warmers and continues to be a customer favorite.

Although many old classic warmers are no longer available, this Jane Warmer By Scentsy remains.

As I look through the warmers in the summer of 2021 I keep asking myself how long this “Jane warmer” will remain available. I’m guessing it will soon be gone. If this one appeals to you or fits your decor, I suggest buying it before it’s gone.