Dachshund Dog Warmer

Dachshund Element Candle Warmer by Scentsy


Product Brief Description

This Dachshund Element Candle Warmer by Scentsy is perfect for our Dachshund doggie lovers. If you love fragrances and Dachshunds, you’ll love the super adorable element warmer. The wax is heated by an element so there is NO Lightbulb!

Additional Product Information

Once Scentsy came out with this cute little Dachshund warmer I learned a little more about Dachshunds. here’s what I found:

Just like this Dachshund element warmer is safe around kids, Dachshunds tend to like being around children. They like adults too but it’s important the Dachshund get’s to know it’s friends. They will probably not like you at first, but give it a little time and you’ll be great friends. Then, just like Scentsy is safe around pets, Dachshunds like other dogs and pets as well.
Even though Dachshunds are known to be terrific family pets, as with all pets adults should exercise caution cautious having them around the little ones. Well, the same goes for Scentsy. When it comes to children, it’s best to treat the Scentsy Dachshund Warmer as you would treat a lamp.

That’s it! Buy the Dachshund Element Warmer today!