Dreamcatcher Warmer


We LOVE this exquisite Scentsy Dreamcatcher wax warmer. Simple on the surface, but filled with subtle beauty and fine details! The silk printed feathers, or talisman, appear to be etched on top of a light colored ceramic finish. Very detailed and looks amazing. Place your order today! Takes a 25 watt bulb and is 6″ tall.

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Every once in a while Scentsy creates something truly exceptional and this Dreamcatcher warmer certainly fits the bill. We love the attention to detail that was required to get this one perfect! Also, this warmer takes us back to the traditional designs Scentsy warmers are known for. Nowadays we see so many warmers with glitters and shimmers, it’s so nice to see the fine detained etchings on top of basic ceramic.

As a long time Scentsy consultant it’s my opinion, Scentsy has knocked this one out of the park.