Chasing Fireflies


This authentic Scentsy warmer is called “Chasing Fireflies.” It’s a premium sized warmer that looks like a canning jar and perhaps one of the most popular and best selling candle warmers Scentsy has ever put on the market. 7″ tall and includes a 25 watt bulb.

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Chasing Fireflies is painted by hand and resembles a glass canning jar. Turned off it has a very light soft blue hue finish. Turn it on and it glows! There’s a silver ring right at the top to resemble the lid of a jar. This warmer was released during the 2014 Scentsy convention just after Heidi Thompson gave a tearful but inspired speech about her childhood memories of chasing fireflies on long summer evenings of fun times. Also, this warmer can be complimented with a cute little matching night light mini warmer

chasing fire flies night light
Chasing Fireflies Night Light