Aqua Glowing Warmer


New in 2022, this pretty warmer is called “Aqua Glow”. A traditional Scentsy tabletop warmer and takes a 20 Watt bulb. 6″ tall and melts our aromatic scented wax. Sparkles and shines, especially at night!

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According to the creators of this pretty Aqua Glow tabletop warmer, they used a mercury technique for glass that makes the warmer sparkle and shine with a lovely blue glow. Looks good day or night!

Remember, unlike most traditional wax warmers, this one uses a 20 Watt bulb. If you try to use the more common 25 watt, the warmer will get too hot.

This warmer comes with a lightbulb, but if ordering it’s always a good idea to pick up a 3-pack of Scentsy replacement lightbulbs here.