Amber Glow


Our Scentsy Amber Glow Warmer works it’s magic at night or in low light rooms. The old Amber Fluted warmer is no longer available but this one is even better. You can plan on the warmer illuminating your room with an amber or bronze glow.

Comes with a 40 Watt Edison light bulb.

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Our Amber Glow Warmer illuminates the room with an amber glow using the special Edison bulb. We have replaced our older Amber Fluted Shade warmer with this new glow type warmer and placed it on the end table in our living room. This type of warmer may not be for all room styles, but if it works with your home design it will look outstanding, especially at night.

There are real leaves on the side of the warmer that have been electroplated to create an amazing gold finish. It really is quite beautiful.