Alabaster Warmer


Authentic Scentsy Alabaster Candle Warmer glows in the dark and resembles sculpted alabaster. 6″ tall and includes a 25 watt bulb.

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his Alabaster Scentsy candle warmer is a simple design, but certain to fit many different home decor designs. With soft, angled contours, the warmer is simple yet unique and a perfect choice for any table top location in your home.

Through the ages sculptors have used alabaster to create some of the most amazing art sculptures in history. Though this Alabaster candle warmer is not made of real alabaster, it’s a darn good representation and we love the simplicity of the end result.

This full size Alabaster warmer can be complimented with a matching Alabaster Night Night Mini Warmer. Both are constructed but the mini plugs directly into a wall outlet.

Alabaster Mini Warmer
Matching Alabaster Mini