Campus Collection

Buy the very latest Scentsy Campus Collection warmers and if you like the current designs we advise buying now while they are still available!

Over the years, Scentsy has created and re-created several different Campus Collections. Basically, it's out with the old and in with the new and you never really know exactly when the latest editions will roll out. Schools that were included in previous collections may NOT be available in the latest editions.

Be advised, if planning to be a campus warmer, those displayed below may or may not be available.

University of Arkansas Mini Warmer

University of Arkansas Mini Warmer by Scentsy

Scentsy offers a special, Arkansas Razorbacks candle warmer specifically for this amazing University. The Scentsy mini warmer is the perfect gift or souvenir for any student, instructor, alumni or fan. The warmer plugs into any above counter electrical outlet making it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, office space and more. of course, it even works in…

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University of Auburn Mini Warmer

University of Auburn Mini Warmer by Scentsy

Have a look at this cute Scentsy mini warmer made specifically for the University of Auburn Tigers. This makes for a wonderful gift or souvenir and Tiger fans will appreciate how it’s so simple to plug directly into any above counter outlet. It’s perfect in office niches, bathrooms and kitchens and the like! Order the…

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West Virginia University Scentsy Mini Warmer

West Virginia University Scentsy Mini Warmer

Have a look at this cute Scentsy mini warmer made specifically for the University of West Virginia. It’s super cool and intended to plug directly into any above counter outlet. It’s perfect in bathrooms and kitchens! Order the West Virginia University Mini Warmer Today New West Virginia Mini Warmer The old warmer collection has been discontinued but…

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Oregon Ducks Football Helmet Warmer by Scentsy

University of Oregon Ducks Scentsy Wickless Warmer

Check out this awesome new University of Oregon Ducks Scentsy warmer!  When it comes to the University of Oregon football team, we’re impressed with the super cute football helmet warmer! Mary’s sister Suzy loves the Ducks, and we can see why! Buy Oregon Ducks Mini Warmer for $25 Order the Oregon Ducks Helmet for $55…

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Oklahoma Sooners Mini Warmer

Oklahoma Sooners Scentsy Warmers

UPDATE 2020! The University of Oklahoma Sooners Scentsy Mini Warmer is No Longer Available. SEE the Entire NCAA Collection Here Boomer Sooners! We’re not surprised to see the Sooner Football is almost always ranked in the top 10 every single year. Oklahoma fans know that sports can be a serious numbers game. With 26 national…

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USC Trojans Scentsy Mini Warmer

USC Trojans Scentsy Wickless Campus Collection

UPDATE 2020 – This USC Trojans Scentsy Mini Warmer product is now available! Place an Order Here See Other NCAA Themed Warmers See Scentsy Nightlight Warmers The Original USC Trojans Product Offering We’re sure the USC Trojan’s fans, students, and alumni are proud of their team, and looking forward to yet another successful season. The…

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Michigan Wolverines Football Warmer by Scentsy

University of Michigan | Scentsy Campus Collection Warmer

UPDATE 2017! If you were planning to buy a Scentsy University of Michigan warmer as a gift, the Michigan Scentsy warmers are no longer available! Please see our Scentsy catalog to see other gorgeous warmers and aromatic fragrances. We are disappointed to announce, during our most recent audit of Scentsy products it appears it appears…

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Louisiana State University Mini Warmer by Scentsy

LSU Scentsy Mini Warmer

The Louisiana State University Scentsy Wickless Campus Collection Mini Warmer is awesome looking and a perfect gift for students, alumni, professors, or any LSU fan. Not only is the LSU candle warmer a perfect souvenir, but it will make any home or office look and smell amazing. Buy this LSU Mini Warmer Today for just $25 Because there’s…

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University Of California Los Angeles Loves Scentsy!

As lifelong fans of all the UCLA sports teams my husband and I are especially fond of the football and basketball teams. Needless to say, we were thrilled when Scentsy began offering the super cute UCLA candle warmer as part of the Campus Collection but then, equally saddened when it was later discontinued. UPDATE 2020:…

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First and Second Generation Campus Collections Out of Production

Campus Collection Warmers First Generation

Original Campus Collection

No longer in production, this is the first generation of the original Campus Collection of warmers. The warmers were made of traditional ceramic with the school emblem and name. They were extremely popular and we still get inquires from customers asking if they are still available.

Campus Collection Second Generation Warmers & Frames

2nd Generation Campus Collection

This is the second generation Campus Collection of warmers and these are no longer in production. Following the design of our gallery collection, this new generation enabled customers to purchase one warmer and multiple school frames. The frames were magnetized allowing for an easy swap.

Latest College-Campus Collection are Helmets and Mini Warmers

The latest Campus Collection or college warmers are so darn cute we think they are the best ever! As you look through the warmers you’ll see the super cute helmet warmers which are intended to be placed on a table or counter top. Then we have the campus collection of Mini Warmers which are intended to plug into the wall, usually above a counter in a bathroom or kitchen.

When Will the Collections Change or Discontinue?

As a consultant, at this time I don’t know when or if the Campus Collection of warmers will be redesigned or discontinued. That why we advise, if you happen to see a school warmer you like now or think you may want in the future, we suggest buying it soon.

Portion of the Proceeds Benefits the School

Also we’re not sure exactly what the amount is because it’s a moving target, but we know a portion of the proceeds goes back to the college. This is certainly a nice gesture and keeps with our commitment of giving back more than we take.

Contact Consultant Mary Gregory With Questions or Purchase

Should you have any questions or need any help please contact us and we’ll happy to help you with your orders. Call or text Mary Gregory at 661-210-7617