Michigan Wolverines Football Warmer by Scentsy

University of Michigan | Scentsy Campus Collection Warmer

Michigan Wolverines Football Warmer By Scentsy

UPDATE 2017!

If you were planning to buy a Scentsy University of Michigan warmer as a gift, the Michigan Scentsy warmers are no longer available! Please see our Scentsy catalog to see other gorgeous warmers and aromatic fragrances.

We are disappointed to announce, during our most recent audit of Scentsy products it appears it appears there are no more University of Michigan Warmers available!

Original Post back in 2012 – We are pleased to present the latest additions to the Scentsy Campus Collection, the University of Michigan Wolverine Football Helmet Warmer and the astute little Mini Warmer!

Everyone knows how awesome the the Wolverine  football team is but what’s so amazing is, they keep at the top, year after year! It seems the Wolverine’s are almost situated among the top football teams in the nation and for good reason.

The University of Michigan traditions run deep so it’s only appropriate for Scentsy to provide two amazing candle warmers, as a tribute to this great school! Makes your homes, office and dorms smell fresh and clean, everyday of the year with Scentsy Fragrance!

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Proud Wolverine Fans, Students and Alumni Deserve the Best

University of Michigan Mini Warmer

We’re sure the University of Michigan Wolverine fans, students, and alumni are proud of their team, and looking forward to yet another successful season. Did you know the Wolverines are the winningest team in college football history. If you’re one those proud fans you can show off your school spirit and buy this amazing Scentsy Wickless Candle Warmer, made exclusively to reflect the colors of the University of Michigan. It’s safe and allowed for use in the dorms, because there’s no flame, no wick, no smoke, no soot, and no lead. When you add the special Scentsy scented wax, it smells amazing. Be safe! BLOW OUT YOUR CANDLES AND GO WICKLESS!

This glossy dark Michigan blue wickless candle warmer is unique—featuring the Michigan “M” and a contrasting yellow—will look great among your team swag and will keep things fresh on game day. Show off your school spirit and buy this unique warmers today!

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Questions? Contact Mary at [email protected] You may also call or text her at Six Scentsy Scented Bars for Price of 5661-210-7617.

Scentsy’s Campus Collection Warmers make great gifts for the alum or sports fan on your shopping list!

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