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Discontined UCLA Scentsy Candle Warmer

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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available!

As lifelong fans of all the UCLA sports teams my husband and I are especially fond of the football and basketball teams. Needless to say, we were thrilled when Scentsy began offering the super cute UCLA candle warmer as part of the Campus Collection but then, equally saddened when it was later discontinued.

UPDATE 2020: This warmer is no longer in production but we no longer carry a collection of NCAA products!

Instead of simply deleting this page, we decided to keep it, if for no other reason then our hope of a new and better warmer someday replacing the one you see on this page. Also, since it’s possible some fellow UCLA fans, students or alumni might need a gift idea, we still have some fantastic options. Although we no longer have the old UCLA warmer to sell, we have many other thoughtful and affordable candle warmers and home fragrance gifts to help you with.

Alternative Candle Warmers and Scented Wax

Visit our candle warmer page to see hundreds of unique warmers. Each would make for a very thoughtful gif and if you shop wisely we can usually get you out the door with some very nice products for under $49.99, including tax and shipping. Here’s an example:

Buy one nightlight warmer and three bars of scented wax. This comes to somewhere between $35 and $37, depending on your selections. Figure $8 for shipping and another bit for tax and you’re a couple bucks under the $50 mark.

Here Was the Original UCLA Warmer Product Release

Everyone knows University Of California Los Angeles (UCLA) students are proud of their school, academic achievements, sports teams and history. UCLA has collected more college championships than any other school in the country. And the hoops team, crashing the boards with a record-holding 11 national championships, deserves some serious props. In celebration and support of the success enjoyed by UCLA, Scentsy has available, a wonderful Scentsy candle warmer, featuring the Bruins logo! This Bruin warmer is actually a part of a wonderful Scentsy Campus Collection of warmers.

We hope to have a new UCLA warmer coming sooner rather than later, but we have no insight as to when!

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Sign up for our newsletter list and we will notify you when the new warmer is for sale. For now, so you can see what it will look like see below some of the newest campus collection warmers.

Our Apologies

Once again, we apologize this UCLA warmer is no longer available but we really hope you find something else, especially if buying as a gift for a friend or family member.

There’s a good chance you can find warmers for your friends or family at other NCAA schools by viewing our College Collection!

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