University of Auburn Mini Warmer

University of Auburn Mini Warmer by Scentsy

Auburn Mini WarmerHave a look at this cute Scentsy mini warmer made specifically for the University of Auburn Tigers. This makes for a wonderful gift or souvenir and Tiger fans will appreciate how it’s so simple to plug directly into any above counter outlet. It’s perfect in office niches, bathrooms and kitchens and the like!

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New Auburn Mini Warmer

The old warmer collection has been discontinued but now Scentsy offers this cute little University of Auburn Mini Warmer. Tiger students, alumni and sports fans are sure to love this addition to our Campus Collection!

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Hey Auburn Fans!

To see an Auburn football game is to experience what college athletics is all about. From the pregame show by the Pride of Auburn is obvious for their huge number of loyal fans. When you consider the most recent success of the football team it’s easy to understand why popular Auburn has become so popular from across the entire USA. In fact, we live in SoCal and the Tigers are one of our favorite college football teams.

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