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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Texax A&M Mini Warmer By Scentsy

Texax A&M Mini Warmer by ScentsyTexas A&M students, alumni and fans will love this Scentsy Mini Warmer, manufactured specifically for the Aggies. The mini warmer is the perfect gift or souvenir for all followers of Texas A&M student, instructor, alumni or fan. This warmer is simple, easy to use and easily plugs into any electrical outlet. Just plug it into any wall outlet, add a cube of your favorite Scentsy scented wax and turn it on. In a few short minutes your space will smell amazing.

The mini warmer works best when plugged into an above counter outlet in bathrooms, kitchens and office space. Certainly, it works in the outlets located near the floor, but it’s best and intended to be located above counter. I will say though, all 3 of my adult sons use the lower wall outlets. What does mom know anyway!

The Texas A&M Mini Warmer by Scentsy is reasonably priced at just $25. However, if you plan to buy one you’ll also need at least one Scentsy Bar for another $6. It really is a great gift and with a total cost of just $31 it very affordable. That $31 does not include tax or shipping. Of course, tax will vary depending on your locality.

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Hey Aggie Fans
We’re so pleased to see Scentsy continues to offer the Texas A&M Mini Warmer. It’s sad to say, many of the original Campus Collection of warmer are no longer available but Scentsy does offer these cute mini warmers for colleges with a large number of followers. Certainly, with the Aggies commitment to agriculture and mechanics as well as their excellence in the class room we’re not surprised the Aggies have remained on the list. Even from all the way here in Los Angeles, the historical Aggies tradition is highly regarded.

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