Louisiana State University Mini Warmer by Scentsy

LSU Scentsy Mini Warmer

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available!

Because there’s no flame, students can even keep their dorms smelling fresh and clean everyday of the week! Everyone knows how tough the Louisiana State University football team is, and the other school sports teams are fierce competitors! Scentsy fits perfectly with LSU because, just like their teams, Scentsy leads the world in producing the most unique, stylish and well made wickless candles.

Scentsy scented wax fragrances are available in over 80 aromatic fragrances and you can be sure there’s something to delight every nose! LSU is a wonderful university and the students and alumni have plenty to be proud of, but now they add their own Scentsy LSU Campus Collection Mini Warmer to their decoration.

University Earns Proceeds from Campus Collection Sales

When you buy your Louisiana State University Scentsy Wickless Campus Collection warmer, a portion of the proceeds for each sale will be donated back to the university! Everyone wins!

If you have friends or family members attending or working at other colleges, you might be interested in seeing the entire Campus Collection no longer available.

If you’re a Louisiana State University student you have to be proud of your Tigers football program, and looking forward to yet another successful season. Having this Scentsy LSU candle warmer would be a great way to make your home look and smell amazing. Also, you’ll be supporting your school because a portion of the proceeds goes right back to the school!

Learn More About Scentsy

What is Scentsy? Scentsy is like a scented candle, but it’s not! There’s no wick, no flame, no smoke, no soot and it’s safe around kids and pets.

If you’re not an LSU fan, there are other Campus Collection warmers for many schools. Scentsy also sells many other warmers that are not related to colleges or schools. The warmers are available in different sizes and many different designs, so you can be sure to find something to match any home or office décor.

The Scentsy scented wax bars are amazing. A Scentsy bar is the scented wax you’ll need to go with your new LSU warmer. The scented wax is available in over 80 different fragrances, so you’re sure to find something you like.

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We hope you enjoyed discovering the Louisiana State University Scentsy Wickless Candle and your comments are welcome.

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