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Now you can use our authentic Scentsy pet shampoo to make your pets look and smell "Scentsy Clean!" All pet shampoo products are pet friendly and can be used on your dogs, cats and even your horse. We figure it will work on your pig too! However, it's probably not a good idea to use on your pet spider! Ha ha.

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Use Scentsy Pet Shampoo to Help Keep Your Pets Fresh and Clean!

The new Scentsy pet shampoo is called, “Best Bud Suds Pet Shampoo”. It can be used on your dog or cat just like any other pet shampoo, but ours includes a hint of our specially formulated authentic Scentsy fragrances.

The pet shampoo was specially made for your dogs, cats, horses and plenty more animals. However, I don’t think I’d try it on your mouse, hamster or snake though! Haha.

Seriously, just like any other pet shampoo product, it’s usually advisable to test it out on a small area before going all out. This might depend on the skin sensitivity of your pet. We use it on our little Jack Russell and had no problems whatsoever.

Will Scentsy Pet Shampoo Make your Pet Love Their Bath?
No. If your pet already likes their bath, they will also like their bath when you use this shampoo as well. If they don’t like baths, using Scentsy Pet Shampoo won’t help with that.

Pet Shampoo Products

  • Honey & Chamomile Best Bud Suds Pet Shampoo
  • Oatmeal & Aloe Best Bud Suds Pet Shampoo
  • Orange Zest & Nectar Best Bud Suds Pet Shampoo

Our pet shampoo is free of sulfates. The shampoo moisturizes using ingredients such as sunflower oil and colloidal oatmeal to clean and condition your pet. Even better, it will help to hydrate any dry, and/or itchy skin. Best of all, it’s includes a bit of authentic Scentsy fragrance so your pet will smell amazing.