Dog Detangling Spray

Scentsy Scented Dog Detangling Spray

Now you can use our authentic Scentsy pet shampoo to make your pets look and smell "Scentsy Clean!" All pet shampoo products are pet friendly and can be used on your dogs, cats and even your horse. We figure it will work on your pig too! However, it's probably not a good idea to use on your pet spider! Ha ha.

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ScentsyDog Detangling Spray Easily Removes Tandles and Mats

This authentic Scentsy No Knot Spot Dog Detangling Spray is intended to be used on your dog. It does a terrific job of removing tangles and will help keep your doggies looking and smelling Scentsy clean.

Your dog’s fur can be wet or dry when you apply the detangling spray, but either way, it does a good job of removing the tangles and matts, while conditioning the coat and skin. Even better, it’s scented with our signature Scentsy fragrance to make your dog smell amazing too!

The ingredients include a mix of aloe, sunflower oil and colloidal oatmeal condition the coat and skin.

One bottle is sized at 8 oz. and currently priced at $10 each. It’s easy to use. Be sure to shake up the liquid before using, hold fairly close to your dog’s fur and spray evenly over the entire coat. Then, brush it out. Your dong will love being brushed and once complete he or she will smell and look terrific.