Authentic Scentsy All Purpose Cleaners

Scentsy Aromatic All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Use our scented all purpose cleaner concentrate to clean your home. We use it on our floors, walls, tables and just about anything. It cleans dirt, repels and best of all, smells amazing. Each 24 oz bottle of concentrate will make approximately six, 16 oz bottles of cleaner.

Currently available in some of our most popular Scentsy fragrances. Our regular customers are really liking it… and so are we!

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Scentsy Cleaning Liquid Facts

Try out our scented all purpose cleaner concentrate by Scentsy! Each bottle contains 24 oz of liquid and works great on most home surfaces. We use it our our floors, walls and various surfaces or objects throughout our home.

Just mix a 3 parts water with one part of cleaning concentrate and you’re all set to clean. Typically the cleaning concentrate is available in 9 different authentic Scentsy fragrances our customers know and love.

Now, you can clean your home and make it smell Scentsy Clean!

Scented Cleaning Fragrances Available

My husband uses the cleaner on our laminated floors and we love the smell of the Lemon Verbana and Sunkissed Citrus. We have not tried all of them for cleaning, but since we already know we like most of the fragrances in our warmers, we’re sure we’ll like them for cleaning too.

2022 Fragrance List for Cleaner Concentrate

  • Coastal Sunset All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Blue Grotto All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Cloudberry Dream All Purpose Cleaner
  • Johnny Appleseed All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Make a Splash All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Sunkissed Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Vanillamint All-Purpose Cleaner

We gave a couple bottles to a friend that is also a house cleaner and she absolutely loves them. She now buys several bottles each month and used our Scentsy All Purpose Cleaner in all the homes she cares for.

Give the concentrated cleaning products a try and we promise, you’ll like them as much as we do.