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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Scentsy Bath Bombs

Scentsy Bath Bombs for Your Nice, Warm Bath

Everyone likes a nice, long, warm bath! Make your bath experience extra special with our authentic Scentsy Bath Bombs. These do much more than just adding a little fizz in the bathtub. Using our authentic Scentsy fragrances we offer a variety of scents from which to choose. Whatever scent you choose, your skin will not only smell amazing, but because we use premium vitamin-rich moisturizers, they will help make your skin healthy and soft.

Each bath bomb weighs 5.3 oz and comes in a cute little box. Just open the box and place it into your bath and watch the action begin. You are now all set for the most relaxing bath ever!

How to Use Scentsy Bath Bombs
First, run your bath water until you have the temperature just the way you like it. Then stop up the drain, fill the tub and hop in! Next, place one Scentsy bath bomb of your favorite scent into the tub and watch it dissolve and transform your bath water with color, aromatic fragrance, and natural moisturizers.

TIP: Sometimes we break the bath bomb in half and it still works pretty darn good!

Be careful as this is for external use only. Keep out of eyes. Rinse with water to remove. If you get a rash or your skin feels irritated, stop use and consult your doc.

Scentsy Bath Bomb Video

As our customers love their Scentsy bath bombs but as they will tell you, it's not so much about the fizz! It's really like having a spa day in the privacy of your own home. The fragrances are second to none and the ingredients will make your body feel soft and smooth. Also, it's interesting to note that each Bath Bomb is handcrafted together with the Scentsy fragrances we have all come to know and love.

Start planning your next nice, warm bath and place an order today! Your bath bombs will be delivered to your door step in a jiffy!

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