Silly Girls! Scentsy’s For Boy’s Too

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Why does it seem like most of the Scentsy independent consultants are girls? Well, just so you know, guys can sell Scentsy too! Anyone can sell Scentsy, regardless of gender or anything else!

This is Pete Gregory, Mary’s husband. Before Scentsy, I always loved scented candles just as much as her. Ever since we discovered Scentsy back around 2007, I love these wickless wonders just as much as she does! While it appears most consultants are female, it’s not just a girls club. Men can be just as successful, as long as they’re willing to do the work! There’s absolutely no reason a guy can’t be just as successful as a consultant and we’d love to have more guys on our team. In fact, ALL welcome!

If you’re not sure Scentsy is the way to go, check out the following links:

Scentsy Product Variety
Scentsy Warmers, Wax & Laundry

Brief Explanation of the Scentsy Product Line

As you’re probably aware, Scentsy creates some amazing home fragrance products and growing everyday! It’s like a candle, but it’s not! There’s no wick, no flame, no soot, and safe around kids and pets. The fragrance delivery systems are unique, well made and reasonably priced. SCentsy products are NOT available in stores and can only be purchased through an active Scentsy Independent Consultant.

The beautiful warmers are available in different sizes and many different styles. One of the most popular warmer types are the night light warmers. The amazing scented wax melts are called Scentsy Bars, available in over 80 different fragrances. Scentsy offers other complimentary products such as, scent paks for your bags, travel tins, scentsy buddys, room sprays and scent circles for the car. Scentsy keeps evolving and offer fragrance products for people, pets, laundry and more. Our customers really love their Scentsy and return to us again and again to buy more.

Guys Can Sell Scentsy Too!

If you’re a male consultant you might go about selling the Scentsy products a little different than your counterparts. While many of the consultants may focus on having parties, you can too, but maybe you go about it a little differently. Instead of a Scentsy specific party, why not just bring your test kit and a few catalogs while getting together with your pals to watch sporting events or playing cards? This will work especially well in advance of special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. Guys especially like convenience, so when they are presented with gift ideas at the right time, Scentsy is an easy sell. Another good way to get the word out about your business is by doing local events and boutiques. You set up a booth or table with a few products, and this will get you in the door with the locals and get the word out about your new business.

There’s many more ideas, but just because you’re a guy, doesn’t mean you can’t sell the most popular home fragrance products on the market! In fact, nowadays you many of us operate our Scentsy business virtually, from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Income Earning

See below, the Scentsy Compensation Chart. To simplify things, you will make money on your won sales and that of your team. Your own sales work out to some decent pocket money, but the real money comes from building a team and earning money based on their sales. Certainly, it takes some time to build a team, but if we can do it, so can you!

Scentsy Compensation Plan 2022

Contact us and we’ll help you launch your Scentsy Independent consultant business. You’ll soon see, Scentsy is a great opportunity and you can take full advantage of it’s popularity. You can, and will, earn money! You might earn a little extra pocket money, enough to cover some of your monthly bills, or executive level income. It’s up to you! Yep, this is no get rich quick scheme! Just like any business, it takes time and effort to be successful.

Building Your Own Scentsy Team

Once you start building your own team and sponsoring others you will benefit from their sales. That’s what’s great about this business! In no other business will you find support from others doing the same business. It just doesn’t happen that way in most of the business world, but it does with Scentsy! You’ll have a full group of other Scentsy consultants willing to help and support you while you get started. Once you learn the business and start sponsoring others, you will help them start their Scentsy Independent Consultant business. That’s the way it works!

Join with us and I will help and support you! Once you’ve learned the ropes, you can help and support others to build your own team!

Getting Started Selling Scentsy

In my opinion, the first requirement for any consultant is to be passionate and believe in the Scentsy products. That’s not hard to do because if you look closely you’ll see how awesome the products are. Once a new consultant joins, it’s critical to learn the catalog like the back of your hand. You don’t have to wait for the start up kit, take any training, or even call your sponsor. LEARN THE CATALOG! Then, just share the it with everyone you know and everyone you don’t know.

After you complete your catalog training, go to your workstation and get trained up. Once your training is complete, that’s where I can help you the most by showing you the ropes and sharing my longtime experience. If you want to go the digital route, I can really help. It just so happens, I’m a web developer and internet marketing expert too.

Join Us Today

We’d love to have you join us on our Scentsy success journey. You will be in control of your own destiny. You will truly be your own boss, choose your own hours, and make your own decisions. It’s all up to you!

CONFIDENTIAL GUY TIP! Okay, I really shouldn’t share this and Mary would probably smack me upside the head, BUT I’LL DO IT FOR YOU SINGLE GUYS! If you go the annual Scentsy reunions you can enjoy the company of thousands of Scentsy women and many are single! Yep, I’ll leave you to figure out the rest! Have fun!