Share What You Love With Your Own Business

Mary Gregory Sharing Scentsy at Event

Have you ever thought about operating your own business, doing something you love and sharing it with others to do the same? Well, that’s what we do, and we want to take a moment to share it with you!

I’m Mary Gregory and I’m an Independent Scentsy Consultant/Director. My husband Pete and I work together sharing and selling the wonderful Scentsy products. Then, for those also interested in selling Scentsy, we share the business with them, so they can do the same. If you think starting your own business would be too costly or take too much time, you would be mistaken.

Let’s Dream

I’ll bet most of us have thought about owning our own business. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a business you love, sharing about products you truly believe in and helping others start their own business? Wouldn’t it be great to have some extra income to help with bills, take that vacation you always wanted, buy that new car you’ve had your eye on, pay for your children’s college education, pay off your school loans or buy that home! The list is endless, but we want you to know you can have all these things, and more. Before moving forward though, it’s important to recognize the truth.

Our Past Is Ancient History – Forget About It!

Let’s be honest with ourselves and think this through for a minute or two. How many of us have had this dream of owning our own successful business? How many of us never even tried a business? Did we start thinking about how much work it would take and never did more than dream? Did we decide, with very little investigation, it would be to costly or risky? How many of us were too busy working for someone else, taking care of our own family and just trying to keep our heads above water? I can only speak for myself, but unfortunately I WAS guilty of all these scenarios. NO MORE! Give yourself a break! Discover your reasons for starting your own business.

Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how to live your dream, have that successful business, earn a little money by starting out part time. Then, if you desire, in two, three or four years you can be earning amazing income! It’s up to you how fast you advance and how much you earn.

A New Beginning

Starting now I want you to put the past exactly where it belongs, BEHIND YOU! Certainly we must learn from our past experiences, but it might as well be ancient history. It’s done and over with, forever! Instead of feeling guilty we should be grateful we discovered the truth before it was too late. Let’s look again at the reasons we never bothered to follow through with our dreams of operating our own successful business.

Too Costly

First, we thought it would be too costly and maybe too much of a risk. In fact, assuming you have a computer, you could start your own business for about $120.00 and you could immediately start earning a little income. Well, it’s true! Yes, you’ll probably end up spending a little more for some miscellaneous office type supplies, but the cost is $99.00 plus tax and shipping. That’s not much of a risk and it only takes a few minutes to join. Oh, almost forgot to mention, you receive a great Starter Up Kit when you join, including a personalized website, FREE for the first 90 days! After that it’s only $10.00 per month. Obviously, saying it’s too costly is no longer the truth!

No Need to Create Business Systems

Scentsy already has a proven business business model in place and at your disposal. All the training and professionally developed marketing tools and materials are in place. Everything a new Independent Scentsy Consultant needs is done and ready for use.

No Sales Experience

Thankfully, there’s no sales experience is needed or required. Once you learn and experience using the Scentsy products there’s a good chance you’ll be passionate about them! Once you have the Scentsy spirit you’ll find it easy and natural to just share what you love with everyone you know. When you talk about your Scentsy products people see that light in your eyes and hear the excitement in your voice. Once this occurs the sale is usually complete and you didn’t have to push it on anyone!

Just share about the aromatic fragrances, beautiful warmers and the exciting business opportunity!

Operating My Own Business Would Take Too Much Time

We’ve already explained how the business plan has already been completed for us. That’s what takes the most time when first starting a business! In addition, we’ve developed a part time success plan that’s working great for us and we’ll share it with you once you join our team. I also own and operate a full time child daycare business and work about 11 hours per day, five days a week. In my spare time, I love operating my Independent Scentsy Consulting business. My husband and I both have our full time jobs, but we enjoy working our Scentsy business in our spare time.

If we can do it, so can you! Sure, it takes work and commitment, but it is possible to be successful with Scentsy, even while working a full time job. The thing is, it doesn’t feel like work.

Now What?

Now what do you do? Browse through this site, perhaps take the survey to see if Scentsy is right for you. If you can get behind the Scentsy products and want to get started as a consultant, it would be great to have you on our team. Join us on our Scentsy journey today!