Scentsy Independent Consultant Earns Paid Punta Cana Trip

2012 Punta Cana Trip

When I found out my husband and I actually made our goal of earning our paid trip to Punta Cana my first reaction was simply, “yes we did it!” In this post I’ll share a bit about our trip.

I’m Mary Gregory and with the help of my husband we operate our home based Scentsy independent consultant business based in the Southern California area. Let me tell you, we were so excited to earn the all expense paid trip and it was amazing! Since the first trip, we earned several more and the trips have been my best rewards for selling Scentsy! When we returned from our trip I remember my husband saying, “wow, this really was all paid for!” He was so sure we would need to spend a good amount of cash, but it was not so!

The trip included air fare, ground transportation, lodging, meals, baggage check, and resort excursions! We were even given a stipend for tip money! There’s more, but you get the jest of it. We are truly blessed to be a part of the Scentsy Independent Consultant team. How would you like to be on this team? Just keep reading!

My Team Member Also Earned a Trip in 2017

Just so you know, anyone who puts in the work and remains focused can earn the trip. No, it’s NOT easy, but it’s well worth it. One of the consultants I sponsor earned her own Punta Cana trip in the summer of 2017. We were so happy for her and proud of how hard she worked to earn the trip. In fact, this same team member is now a director herself and has enjoyed multiple fully paid trips and cruises to some amazing destinations.

NOTE from Mary’s Husband Pete: This Punta Cana trip was completely paid for, and Mary earned every bit of it. Yes, I help some but she’s the one that set the goal to earn the trip and she did it! I swear, I thought we would need to spend a bunch of out of pocket money but as it turned out, we didn’t spend a dime! Scentsy is the real deal and it really is like a family.

Want to Earn Your Free Trip?

Yes, next year it could be you going on that all expenses paid vacation. What are you waiting for? Contact us, or get started and join today! Be sure to purchase the $99 start up kit. When you add tax and shipping, it’s about $120.


  1. Wow! I’m amazed at this all expenses paid vacation to Punta Cana! Mary Gregory is a Scentsy Independent Consultant/Director and she earned this wonderful trip from Scentsy. We’re staying at the Hard Rock and absolutely everything is paid! The beaches are beautiful, the food is great, swimming pools forever and lots of fun activities. If you think you might like to be a Scentsy Independent Consultant you’re in the right place. Mary will sponsor you and coach you along so you have the opportunity to be successful and meet your goals. Click the join button at the top to see the FAQ’s, Starter Up kit and sign up. It’s just $99. to join and you’re all set!

  2. We just returned home to Los Angeles and we both had an amazing vacation in Punta Cana. Scentsy Wickless has turned out to be such a blessing for us and our family, we can’t wait to continue working our business. That’s the thing about Scentsy! For us, it doesn’t feel like work! Certainly, not everyday is fun and games, but we sure enjoy spending time together while we continue building our business. Also, the incentive vacations are a great benefit as well!

    Scentsy Independent Director Mary Gregory and her husband Pete operate as a Scentsy Independent Consultant team. We mentor many new consultants on a daily and continual basis and would love to include you on our team. Just click the “Join Our Team” button at the top of this page and learn more. You may also contact us directly at 661-210-7617 or [email protected].

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