Scentsy Family Spirit Inspires Consultants at 2014 Reunion

Scentsy Director Mary Gregory With Funny Scentsy Bar Guy

If I had to choose a headline for the Scentsy Family Reunion in St Louis it would be, Scentsy Family spirit inspires consultants at the 2014 Reunion! After attending the Scentsy Family 10 Year Reunion in St Louis, we’re happy to report, Scentsy spirit is alive, well, and stronger than ever! This year’s Reunion wasn’t so much about launching new products as it was about celebrating the spirit and excitement that fuels the success of Scentsy and it’s consultants. There were some great breakout training sessions, inspirational speakers, and wonderful entertainment, but the number one most important ingredient for this 10 Year Reunion was Scentsy Spirit! Contact us today to learn more about being a Scentsy Independent Consultant.

After attending a number of Scentsy Reunions and similar events, we can tell you the primary reason consultants participate in Scentsy is not for the money! It has more to do with amazing friendships and being a part of something larger than themselves. That something is indeed, Scentsy Spirit! Thousands of consultants have made new and lasting friendships as a direct result of joining Scentsy and becoming independent consultants. The Consultants make new friends with each other, their customers and people they meet at all the events in which they participate.

Friendships Are Fine, But What about the money?
As a Scentsy Independent Director husband and wife team, we always have the opportunity to earn as much or as little as we want. Yes, we’ve earned some pretty darn good commission checks and some amazing paid vacations. Still, more valuable are the many friendships we’ve been blessed with and learning to give more than we take.

I’m Pete Gregory, husband of Scentsy Independent Director Mary Gregory. Yes, I am a director team mate of my wife Mary, but she’s the driving force behind our business. I spend most of the time in the background managing our internet marketing, blog posting, videos, and other online related tasks. After attending various Scentsy related events, I’m always especially inspired seeing old friends reunite and celebrate their Scentsy Spirit together. Just walk up to any group of Scentsy consultants and yell the word “SCENTSY!” They will respond in unison, “SPIRIT!” How cool is that? Learn more about how to join us on our Scentsy journey.

We hope you enjoyed learning how Scentsy Family Spirit Inspires Consultants at the 2014 Reunion