Become a Scentsy Consultant in Santa Monica

Join Scentsy in Santa Monica

As a Southern California based Scentsy consultant, I’m seeking those interested in joining Scentsy in Santa Monica, CA. It’s a wonderful opportunity to earn additional income with potential to earn much more if desired. Join with me and be a part of my team. Operating as a consultant is not difficult, but to be successful takes time and effort, at least in the beginning.

The Scentsy fragrance delivery warmers are unique, well made and reasonably priced. The many different fragrances are the best ever, and loved by many. Simply put, it’s just a better way to enjoy your favorite fragrance.

As a Scentsy Santa Monica Consultant you’ll make all decisions relating to your business. Some of us look forward to earning a little extra pocket money and some of our Super Star Directors earn some darn good money! Some of the most successful consultants we’ve met, started their business, unsure of themselves and didn’t believe they were cut out for sales of any type. At Scentsy, it’s all about relationships, not hard sell tactics. If you enjoy sharing Scentsy products with friends and family, you have all the qualifications you need to succeed.

In fact, the complete lack of sales pressure and the simplicity of our products are the main reasons so many customers decide to become consultants. They find themselves enjoying a party experience instead of having to sit through a typical sales presentation and suddenly realize, “Hey—I can do this!”

Scentsy is a highly regarded direct sales company located here in the United States. Their philosophy of simplicity, authenticity, and generosity has resulted in one of the most successful party plan companies the industry has ever seen. Due to it’s popularity, Scentsy has expanded into multiple countries such as Canada, Germany, Australia and the U.K. The facts is, anything’s possible with Scentsy and we’d love to share it with you

As an Independent Scentsy Consultant in Santa Monica, you’ll not only be embarking on an exciting new business opportunity, enjoying flexible hours, the ability to earn income, and the satisfaction of connecting people you care about with products you believe in. You’ll also be on the cutting edge of a thrilling international expansion. Now is the time to join Scentsy.

At Scentsy, we sponsor, support, and mentor them. If you choose to join my team, I’ll be your personal Sponsor, helping you every step of the way as you launch your new business. You’ll also have access to our entire network of Scentsy Consultants through the “My Scentsy Forum” and a wealth of online training and resources. We’ll be working together one or one, until you’re comfortable and then you can sponsor your own new consultants. It’s so rewarding to see those you sponsor grow and succeed!

Scentsy’s home office hosts a Consultant Support Department, available every weekday to answer any questions you may have. We also have our Scentsy Annual Convention and other seasonal training and networking events throughout the year!

And, the icing on the cake: every Scentsy Consultant also gets a free website for three full months (and just $10 (USD) per month after that), a free online Workstation to organize and run their business, free credit card processing, no inventory to manage, no credit card fees, and free shipping on orders over $150! (Discounted shipping rates are offered for deliveries outside the contiguous U.S.)

For just $99 (USD), plus tax and shipping charges, Scentsy will mail you a Starter Kit that includes everything you need to operate your Scentsy business.