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Make 2013 the Year to Start Your Own Home Consulting Business

Is it your 2013 New Year’s resolution to start your own home based business? How many years have we all made new year’s resolutions only to quit on them within the first week? It’s either too costly, too difficult or too time consuming. Well, we have a simple and inexpensive home business idea that will help you make this year’s New Year’s resolution become a reality! First consider what it takes to start a traditional business.

Traditional Business Start Up Costly

Starting a traditional business is usually costly, requires extensive advance planning, & takes time. Don’t forget, it’s also quite risky! It’s recommended you have at least enough investment capitol to get by for the first year without earning any income. For most of us, that’s a scary thought. There’s more but the point is, it really doesn’t have to be that way. There are other non-traditional home based business options available, but becoming a Scentsy independent consultant is one of the best options available! See the comparisons below and decide for yourself.

Will You Provide Products or Services?

Starting a traditional business requires you have a special product to sell or service to offer. You must be able to offer a product or service people are willing to purchase at a reasonable price. Without that, you have nothing! With Scentsy, you have the opportunity to sell the amazing and popular warmers and fragrance products. These products are unique, popular, safe, well made, stylish, reasonably priced, and CONSUMABLE! Scentsy is not available in stores, and can only be purchased from a Scentsy Independent Consultant. That consultant can be you, almost immediately!

Advance Planning Home Consulting Business

Starting a traditional business requires months of advance planning. Joining Scentsy Fragrance and becoming a successful independent consultant requires no advance planning. The planning has already been done. Scentsy Fragrance has a pre-determined path for success already laid out for us. You can join today and start earning income almost immediately!

Starting a traditional business requires a large start up investment and it’s suggested you have enough monthly operating capitol to last a year. It’s just $99 to join Scentsy and become a consultant. You receive a start up kit with almost everything you need to get started immediately. There are no other monthly fee’s, unless you elect to keep the shopping website for $10 per month. Assuming you have a computer and internet connection, the only other costs you might have will be for basic inexpensive office supplies, easily available.

Website for Your Home Business a Must

In today’s world, a strong internet presence is a must. This can be a very expensive part of your start up costs! With Scentsy, all new consultants receive a professional shopping website as a part of the start up kit. The site is FREE for the first three months. After that, it’s just $10 per month. You can have your customers start shopping at your site within 24 hours upon joining. You earn the commission, even if you’re sleeping!

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Business Branding

Developing branding for any business is critical, and can be extremely expensive! Branding is mostly about how the general public and your prespective customers will perceive you, and your business. With Scentsy, all the branding is in place and ready for you. The branding is amazing, and all the marketing resources are ready for you to use.

Home Business Administration

What about accounting and business administration? This is where many businesses fail. You might have a great product or service, but no idea how to administrate and keep track of the many details associated with a business. All Scentsy consultants have online access to their own personal workstations. The workstation keeps perfect track of every administrative task needed. Your records will be perfect, and you can view reports 24/7. There is no monthly cost associated with this. As long as you are a consultant, you will have your workstation to depend on.

Training Requirements for Starting Home Consulting Business

What about training? Most people starting a business because they have a particular talent for a service to sell or a great product. The problem is, almost none of us have all the skills necessary to properly run all aspects of our business. Training takes time and money, but your business is likely to fail if you don’t possess all the skills needed to achieve success. With Scentsy, all of the training needed is available online 24/7 from your workstation. It’s divided up in short, simple, and easy to understand segments, so you can learn at your own pace.

Business Mentor and Sponsor

Mary GregoryA mentor or business coach is a luxury most new business owners cannot afford. With Scentsy, you will have a personal sponsor and built in mentor/coach. All new consultants must join Scentsy through a sponsor. So, when you join, choose your sponsor wisely. Make sure your Scentsy sponsor is an active consultant, at the very least. This person will help you launch your business and give you personal one on one training and inspiration. There is no cost associated with this! She sponsors many new consultants and is an award winning mentor! Call or text at 661-210-7617.

Time Management for Your Home Business

With many home businesses, business owners find they don’t have enough time to devote and still keep their own jobs. Not true with Scentsy! You can easily keep your current job. You’ll be able to choose your own hours and devote whatever amount of time that works for you.

Basically, you’ll be booking home or catalog parties, taking orders and placing orders. You don’t have all the tasks required as you would with a traditional business. Remember, you have a workstation to keep tract of everything. When someone places a website order, you earn the commission and Scentsy takes care of the rest. Scentsy will process and ship the order directly to your customer, in your name.

Scentsy is a Terrific Home Business Opportunity

Selling Scentsy is simple, fun, and there’s no experience necessary. It’s something you can do alone, you can partner up with someone, or your whole family can pitch in. Online and personal training and mentoring is provided. It’s just $99 to get started and you receive everything you need to get started. Contact us today, and let’s talk sCENTS!

Join Scentsy today or contact Independent Director Mary Gregory by calling or texting at 661-210-7617.

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